How to make an appointment

How to make an appointment?
You can make an appointment for a guided walk via the following telephone number:
We prefer you use our appointment form.
Please enter your email address and telephone number, followed by the date and time you would like to walk and an indication of the number of participants.
The fee for the guided walk is € 4,00 per person; a minimum rate of € 15.00 applies. Group size should be at least 4. Maximum group size is 15; if you come with more than 15 people we try to split the group, and you’ll have more city guides at your disposal.

Length and duration
In principle the city tour takes one and a half hours, but in consultation with the guide length and duration can be adapted.

Start and finish
Normally walks start and end at Museum Martena (Voorstraat 35 ), but other arrangements are possible.

Special wishes
If you have special wishes, e.g. a walk with a specific  theme, you can make them known with your booking.

It’s usual for your city guide to phone you one day in advance to verify your appointment.


Stadswandelingen onder leiding van een stadsgids

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Stadswandeling onder leiding van een stadsgids

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